I need to rant so my apologies in advance.

Some people don’t understand the concept of privilege and that baffles the hell out of me. It’s a topic I have some knowledge on, this is because I can pass as the most privileged social position imaginable, a straight white guy. I wasn’t and I’m not, but I had years of doing that, and still can with baggy tops. I know how the most privileged swim through society with unconscious ease, but I also know the other end of that spectrum too.

Statistically I have a 90% chance of getting harassed at work, 50% chance of getting raped, a 1 in 12 chance of getting murdered, 41% chance of suicide with a 57% likelihood of trying. I’m also fucked if I need help as I’d have a 25% of getting abused by hospital staff, and 30% chance by the police.

Those are general stats of course and accuracy may not be high, the likelihood for some of them is lower where I live, even so those are frightening. If you have a high level of privilege do the world a favour and learn about it, but do not then try and explain the concept to people with less privilege than you. Guys, that includes you trying to explain privilege to women, you come off sounding like a giant ass.

And remember – it is NEVER my job to explain your privilege. Yes I’m pissed off and it is not even 9am.

NB: This is a post I made from social media, I hope it still works here 🙂 – M

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  1. Insert my Facebook discussion with someone who argued that if a black man gets a good job and is rich then he’s the privileged one, not a poor white man. There are different types of privilege. seriously, the poor white man could steal the rich black man’s expensive car and be less likely to be pulled over driving it under suspicion of theft than the man to whom it belongs. And that doesn’t even start on sexism and other prejudices.

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