About Marcy

Marcy writes as a guest author on The Mary Sue and as a guest contributor on Panels. She’s written over 40 short stories and comic scripts, is published by (it’s still a secret!), and is currently working on various writing and comics projects.

More informally I’m an immigrant to the great white north that is Canada, now living on the west coast where its never white. It’s also not that north as it’s below the 48th parallel; Canada is never quite what you expect.

I’m still very much alive, at least I was when I wrote that. And that. I’ll keep you updated on that front, at least until I’m dead, and then I won’t. Unless I’m a zombie. If you get a post that just says brains then I might be dead but check before burial. Cover your head in sriracha before approaching, I like things spicy. 

Oh you came here to look for information about me and not just trivia and humour? Well OK, I’m a geek, artist and author who happens to be non-cisgender, non-straight, non-single and an all around lovely person. I have proof. My family comes first in everything and that includes my three cats. Yes our house has a feline infestation issue. We tried putting down fresh meat to drive them away but somehow it made things worse.  In my full time work I’m in a STEM career, although everything else is a part-time gig I have a passion for writing and drawing so I create in the spare time I have. I will only stop creating when I’m dead. Remember the sriracha please.

I write many articles on social justice issues and transgender topics in particular. I’m not claiming to be correct or an authority, I’m covering something to the best of my ability. Expect rewrites and apologies; I have no problems with correcting myself and learning. If you think you have something for me learn about, or write about, then contact me.