I’m a trans man. My preferred pronouns are “they/them” because it forces people to treat me as a person, instead of a gender. Though, I will very happily respond to “he/him.”

However, being transgender isn’t the only thing that defines me.

I’m a nerd. I’m also the parent of two boys–one teen and one newly adult–a freelance writer, a web designer, the author of Five Little Zombies and Fred, the General Manager and radio personality at The Look 24/7, I own the largest Star Trek community on Google+, Geeky Pleasures creator, geek support for Parsec Award winning The Minister of Chance, and more.

On the Geeky Pleasures Radio Show, I have interviewed Wil Wheaton, Jonathan Coulton, Phil Plait, Sylvester McCoy, Richard Hatch, Paul and Storm, R.A. Salvatore, John Kovalic, John Scazli, and so many more.

Aside from my writing here on TransCanuck, my writing can also be found on Hugo Award winning SF Signal, GeekMom, United Federation of Pla.net/s, Nerdy With Children, and Quirk Books.

You can always contact me via email or on Twitter @GeekyJules.