Sloths on Ativan

It’s happened again. So many trans actors and actresses exist, so what do filmmakers do? Well, Trans men don’t exist according to Hollywood and trans women get played by straight cis guys.

In the movie adaptation of the novel The Danish Girl, actor Eddie Redmayne will be playing the trans woman title character. Dammit Hollywood, yes Eddie is good but he is not a her.

Could it get worse? Of course it can get worse, these are trans issues we’re talking about:

I’m meeting many women from the trans community and hearing their experiences. I have put on dresses and wigs and makeup.

Meeting trans people is only useful if you are listening, and nothing in this statement makes me think that’s the case here. A trans woman is not a guy in a wig and makeup. This perpetuates an incorrect image and one that is often used as comedy and abuse toward trans women.

I’m a trans woman, I’ve never worn a wig, it’s very rare I wear make-up, the occasional mascara at most. I’m not aping being a woman, I’m not in drag, I’m a woman. I don’t need to wear dresses and make-up to feel like a woman. Ignorant statements like this are why we need more trans actors in trans roles – it’s hard for cis folks to understand what trans people go through.

I thought people might have learned by the negative feedback and all round social disaster of Jared Leto in the awful Dallas Buyers Club. Even Time realised how wrong that movie was. As usual with trans issues the movie industry either ignores these past missteps or they are slow learners, we’re talking a sloth on ativan here. The same mistakes just keep getting made, over and over again.

Female geek, author and blogger. Non-cis, non-straight, non-single, non-asshat.

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