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    I talked to my supervisors at my new job about restroom policies for trans/genderqueer individuals. We have 3 sets of male/female restrooms and a trio of changing rooms – male/female/family. The use of the Family Changeroom is significantly discouraged, since it only has two private changing areas. It is limited to individuals who need assistance from a person of the opposite sex.

    When presented with the question “What about transitioning girls?” I was met with pretty blank stares. I rephrased: “What about young women who still have penises?”

    This got a truly thoughtful response. My supervisors asked if I had any suggestions, and took them to heart. There is still no official policy, but at this time, we are to encourage transitioning/transitioned individuals who still have cis genitalia to use the Family change room, for their privacy and protection. It was discussed in a staff meeting on Sunday morning.


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    Jules Sherred

    Yes, it is a win.

    But, what about for trans men? I’m sure you didn’t mean to exclude them. It’s just a trigger of mine because far too often they are left out of this conversation. They need safe places, too.

    Unisex washrooms is something I have to bring up for a convention that I work for. It may be a bit of an uphill battle as we have to work with the convention centre with this one.

    Being that I’m a manager, I have access to a unisex staff washroom. But, I shouldn’t be the only one.

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    Agreed, and my intention was to include transmen, I did discuss them with my supervisor, I just happened to cut that part of the conversation while paring down my post.

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