‘The Switch’ – The First Transgender Comedy Coming To A TV Near You

The Switch

What if we could watch a comedy that deals with transgender issues and all the transgender characters were played by transgender actors? Sounds like a dream right? Well, thanks to Kickstarter, grants, and tax rebates, this dream has become a reality.

Created by a Vancouver-based film company, The Switch is set to broadcast in Canada on OutTV, beginning in August 2015. Filming of the first season will begin in February 2015. There are also plans to make the series available online. Whether or not you have to be an OutTV subscriber in order to watch is unclear.

What is clear is that there obviously is a want and a need for this type of television.

OutTV aired the pilot of The Switch in February of this year and decided to acquire the Canadian broadcasting rights. Apparently, there is also interest in airing this show in the U.S. and in Europe.

Most of the funding for The Switch came from grants and tax credits. However, Amy Fox, the trans queer filmmaker and producer of the show, decided that it would need another $50,000 in order to do it right. So, they took to Kickstarter where the goal was successfully reached.

There is still a few more weeks for you to contribute to this much need television series.

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